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Broadridge Financial Solutions is a public corporate services company founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Automatic Data Processing.

The main business of Broadridge is as a service provider supplying public companies with proxy statements, annual reports and other financial documents, and shareholder communications solutions, such as virtual annual meetings.

A former employee of Broadridge Financial Solutions from Newark, NJ shared his/her opinion on Indeed in September 2020:

"Jobs get outsourced to India and more work to manage them to save the company money. Dedicated employees were let go and replaced with new employees to save on their salary. There is not a good work/life balance."


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Former Employee - Vice President Operations says

"Many areas in which Broadridge operates, particularly the New York metropolitan area, have been severely impacted by COVID-19. Our thoughts are with the impacted families and their co-workers at this difficult time. I assure you that the health and safety of our associates is our highest priority and we have brought health professionals to our facility to ensure we are following best practices and creating as safe an environment as possible. We have implemented extraordinary safety and cleaning measures in our facilities where our production staff are performing functions deemed essential services under various government orders."

Former Employee - Operations Associate says

"Favoritism, little to no training provided, coworkers are rude and talk badly about management"

Former Employee - Insert Operator says

"You are expected to work 10 or 12 hour days sometimes up to 11 days in a row depending on your department. You stand the entire time and are not allowed to sit. Production leads act like it is a burden to help you. The training is inconsistent and there is no actual training program in place. Mandatory overtime one week a month and two weeks per quarter. Holidays are required. Print jobs are not properly timed, and back up plans are not in place. Majority of day shift employees have been there years and are lazy. They spend most of their time on their phones or gossiping. Night shift is expected to meet unrealistic deadlines most days. Human Resources on site is useless. If you ask a question you are just given a phone number to call at corporate. Overtime you do work is back paid. Temporary employees are expected to work 50+ hours a week for $11 dollars an hour. High turnover due to the fact that it is not properly explained the amount of hours you are required to work and that you are on your feet the entire time. Morale is TERRIBLE."

Current Employee - Retirement Specialist says

"No training and no job security be warned!"

Current Employee - Business Process Analyst says

"- everyone at the office is on the cusp of retirement -overtime expected for product based roles with no additional compensation - poorly trained managers - high percentage of workforce is remote"

Current Employee - Developer says

"They don't respect employee and Leads/Managers treat their team members as their salves to get good marks from their manager and get promoted"

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company doesn’t care about their employees at all. Employees are just another number. The worst management I’ve ever worked for. No leadership at all. They don’t allow employees to get additional training. I could go on forever how horrible this company is to work for.NoneToo many to list."

Vice President (Former Employee) says

"Worst group of senior managers that made wrong decisions that affect all employees. The executive sold out the employee but still expect everyone to push harder without true sense of belonging. Politic is the only way to succeed here.Thank you for for taking the time to share your feedback and concerns. We are committed to being an excellent place to work by listening to feedback from our current and former associates. If you would like to share any additional information please email Best of luck in your future!"

DevOps Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not only is the culture a vulture place, it's also next to an insane asylum on LI -- place sucks - avoid at any cost unless you like an unhealthy living situationNontoo many to list"

Print Operator (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part about this job was clocking out for the day. The upper administration treated the employee unfairly. They would write employees-up for any minor or major infraction. You are not allowed to make an emergency call during operational hours unless you are taking a break or lunch. No exceptions to this rule."

Application Analyst (Former Employee) says

"they tell you it's a full-time job, but they actually only want a 3-month helper because someone in the team is on mat-leave and some others are on vacation, they sack you immediately after all those team members back to work."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"I liked it at first until I found out if you're not an "associate", you're looked down upon. People ACT like they care about you and/or your willingness to try to advance but will only help you if it benefits their agenda. They want to enforce rules and regulations but are very hypocritical because they break the rulesIt's a jobIf you're a "temp" you get less "perks", it's extremely difficult to become an Associate... depending on your position.Broadridge is committed to being an excellent place to work by listening to feedback from our perm associates and our temp associates. Our temp associates do receive a different benefits package than our permanent associates. We always encourage our temp associates to explore and apply to perm opportunities when they become available. We appreciate the feedback that you shared and wish you the best of luck!"

Production Quality Assurance Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Not a Good Place to work for a career; No Future Goals; No Holidays Off No Weekends Off; Not enough Pay to live off of. Very Micro Managed. Only hire who they like or friends or family."

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Best part of Broadridge is the communication from President of the company who held monthly meetings and discussed the future of Broadridge. Another best part is working with the Clients they treated you with respect and valued your opinion. Compensation is on the low but is understandable with all the data entry. Job Security/Advancement is very slow. A lot of job are going to India. No room for advancement despite gaining additional work and scoring 4 out of 5 every year. 5 are only given when you moving up. And you cant move up because there is 3 levels between the President and staff. Management; all year no meetings from my boss. No communication. No pats on the back. Personally I looked forward to the President monthly Webex. Job culture is horrible. Contests are shams. Unprofessional. Yelling/Cursing on the floor. We need professionalism. Atmosphere of staff is dismal."

Shipping /Logistic Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Overall not a growing , or a positive atmosphere. Management look down on associates , unless you are a Supervisor or a favorite to them..not a place for growth even Though you show interest in learning all the time.NoneAlways busy but no compensation for your hard work ."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"was not a good place to work for, overcrowded, pay was not decent and the amount of filth and lack of communication there was always errors and mishaps when trying to get the orders processed and moved up to the next section to be processed."


"Very stressful place. Workers are over worked and the dynamic is set up with weird people with nasty attitude. You can work hard and know you're job better than managers but will never advance unless you're part of the crew, or family! It's not what you know it's who you careful when you work for this company"

Senior Process Executive (Current Employee) says

"Product based nice company except the management in India, My team leads not so supportive, when asked for leave they always used to ask about minute personal details. Managing things from personal prospective was very hard, fun at work was very less.Food couponYes"

Software Engineering Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Micromanagement. Process heavy environment. Ancient technology. It's interesting to know how with this culture the company is still surviving. Every employee typically spends more than half a day in meetings which don't lead to a conclusion."

Quality Assurance Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Overworked and underpaid. Worked as a temp for three years and was never hired full time. Treat temps very badly. Management caters to certain employees. Makes you work twelve hour shifts and on holidays and makes you take other days off so that you will not receive overtime pay."

Business Analyst/Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you want a job with zero compliments on hard well-done work, this is the place for you. Unrelenting, moving in circles, bite off more than they can chew and then the employees suffer.Seriously. None that I am aware of.There is not enough space for the negative comments."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Laying off ppl without any notices and keeping more long term temp. If anyone looking for permanent job this is not good for u . Very minimum pay and work load is extra for each associate . The company only cares for itself no care for associate . Company policy is to keep70% temp .Work hoursLong term temp"

VP-Tax Development (Current Employee) says

"This is a very difficult place to work and performance is not values it is all politics. Performance was not rewarded only following process and politics.NOneTotally politics not performance"

Programmer HT - Full Time (Current Employee) says

"You will work 10 times harder for less compensation than at any other company. You will be double and triple booked for meetings and so will your manager. You will not be able to get your manager to respond in a timely manner. The CEO wants to invest in the company, not the employee. You will not have time to focus on one job task at a time, and everything you do will be scrutinized to the finest secure working environmentcompensation, work/life balance, over seas team"

Data Entry/ Quality Control (Former Employee) says

"Managers started to let the workers who had seniority pick up all of the hours instead of letting the new workers receive 40+ hours for the week. They started cutting hours for the workers who only been there for 2 months or less and gave overtime to those who were hired on. People started to get cut weeks at a time to reduce overflow of work hours.Learned how to reconcile muted mail.Less hours of work being given."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"When I first make it I clock in. Next I load up my computer and log on, After I fill out all my paperwork check and make sure my roll I'm loading match my paperwork and my screen. And I start my machine up for another days work 12 hr. shift. Nothing was real hard about the job just 12 hour shifts. The most enjoyable part was my supervisor and enjoying my co-workers.The work place was super clean. The cleaning was done by myself and co-workers.1hour lunch breakno short breaks"

Johnny F says

"I have to deal with Broadridge with two very separate accounts and they fail miserable all the time. Their proxy voting via Fidelity does not consistently work, and their ADRP with Dominion Resources is not timely, skips a quarterly report every couple of years, and their customer service in incompetent, does not know answers, and never responds to your issues. Worst of 8 FinTech firms I deal with."

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